14 London


10 Birmingham


2 Oxford


09 Bristol


01 Manchester


17 Southampton


21 Cardiff


4 Liverpool


18 Norwich


22 Sheffield


6 Nottingham


20 Leeds


24 Brighton


15 York


7 Glasgow


25 Edinburgh


8 Northampton


13 Newcastle


12 Cambridge


5 Leicester


23 Wolverhampton


11 Preston


3 Croydon


16 Stoke


19 Taunton


The Dogging Site

#1 Manchester Dogging Sites


Rising up to first place on the list of the 25 most rampant UK dogging destinations is Manchester. An incredible 14% of Mancunian households are members of Dogging websites!

Dogging at the Airport Grassways

Recognised as the horniest place in England, you can find action in Manchester both night and day! A popular dogging spot, known worldwide, the grassways next to Manchester airport is home to rampant doggers. Manchester soared to the top of the list due to the hurried pace of randy Mancunians joining dogging websites in 2015.

Funny Dogging:

I was having sex in the back of a car, her legs were spread out two windows, it was great until some guy tapped on the window and said "I'm afraid you'll have to stop sir"

I said "What the hell for?"

"The other customers in the showroom are complaining!"

Manchester has some fantastically public locations for dogging, see how many you recognise. After reading this, you'll probably never look at the city the same way again!

#2 Oxford Dogging Sites


Exploding into 2nd place, a mega 14% of Oxford households are members of adult websites facilitating their every dogging desire.

Parson's Pleasure

Parson's Pleasure - what used to be a nude area for boys to bathe - is now a perfectly secluded spot for doggers finding their own pleasures.

Dogging Etiquette:

Be hygienic and make sure that you have these needed items with you: Deodorant, wipes, tissues, mouth wash, condoms and lube.

Oxford resident's favourite places are being taken over by rampant public sex lovers and turned into dogging sites! Discover the best sites - you may be surprised at just how public they are!

#3 Croydon Dogging Sites


Soaring into number 3 on the dogging hot spot map, an incredible 11% of Croydon households are dogging fanatics, all waiting to get their al fresco kicks come dawn.

Beulah Hill Pond, Croydon

It's perfect for voyeurs, so if it's watching you like, hot foot it down to Beulah Hill Pond where the prime time action tops saturday night television, any day!

Dogging Etiquette:

If you are posting a comment on one of the dogging websites, tell others where to find you and be clear about what you are looking for. If you want to be watched whilst in the act, you want others to join in or if you are just playing it by ear, let your intentions known so you can cut to the action quicker.

A quick trip out of London is well worth it to meet the doggers of Croydon, they can be very welcoming!

#4 Liverpool Dogging Site


A huge 10% of Liverpool households list dogging as one of their most favourite sexual desires.

Otterspool Park, Liverpool

Best for couples, this site is known for being one of Liverpool's beauty spots, and luckily, doubles up as a highly active dogging site. Those who can't wait until sundown, this is your place - get what you're after at any time of the day or night!

Dogging Etiquette:

Leave if you're asked to. If the couple wants their privacy, don't make an issue of it. Find another spot.

Liverpool has some extremely sexy sites for dogging. You might be surprised to find that there’s one right at the end of your street!

#5 Leicester Dogging Site


An incredibly huge 10% of luscious Leicester households love getting jiggy in public places!

Watermead Country Park, Leicester

Watermead Country Park is great for a wide range of doggers. This huge expanse of land is surrounded with parks, benches and hidden areas. If you really want to make a night of it, have a wander around and see who you come across. It's like a dogging maze that you'll never tire of.

Dogging Etiquette:

Don't keep driving around. Know where you're going and have patience. It will be worth the wait.

Leicester has some beautifully secluded sites for dogging. Find out where the most popular spots are, they might be nearer to you than you realise!

#6 Nottingham Dogging Sites


9% of Nottingham households are active within the local dogging scene. Couples, singles, voyeurs, cruisers, there's someone and something for every desire.

Nottingham Racecourse Carpark

Evenings are best at the Racecourse. Turn things up a gear in this adrenaline filled location. Will your bets come in here?

Dogging Tips for Ladies:

Know your limits. Others like to know the boundaries and won't overstep the mark if you set them from the start. Don't be afraid to speak up if you're feeling uncomfortable in a situation.

Nottingham is THE city for carpark dogging, you may be surprised how close the hot and horny spots near you are!

#7 Glasgow Dogging Sites


Shooting into 7th place on the horny dogging map is glorious Glasgow. A mega 7% of households take part in the UK’s favourite al fresco pastime.

Mugdock Country Park, Glasgow

Mugdock Country Park is Glasgow's most famous site and there's always action if you want to come hunting. You'll be pleased to know that local doggers play morning and night, so you can always find some horny action whatever time it is!

Dogging Etiquette:

For watchers: Don't sneak up on unsuspecting couples, not everyone likes the extra attention. Watch out for their signs. If the light is on in the car, that's your cue to have a peek.

One of the finest cities in the UK offers up some of the best dogging sites!

#8 Northampton Dogging Sites


6% of Northampton households are members of dogging websites. Thousands of horny residents actively seek public sex with strangers day and night in some of the most fantastic Northampton locations.

Wakerley Woods, Northampton

Great for swingers, you can find couples who are up for anything in Wakerley Woods. It's a great place to spend the entire night; walk around and see who you encounter. It's great for all - gay, straight, couples and singles are always welcomed.

Dogging Etiquette:

When going dogging, always keep easy access in mind when choosing the clothes to wear. If you are a woman, wearing a skirt with no knickers underneath would be a good idea. Wearing a zipped-top will also be a great idea, so you can flash your horny audience with a swipe of a zip.

Northampton is an incredibly liberal town when it comes to public sex. if you're thinking of joining in the horny dogging scene, you must check out the list we've compiled. Some can't tell the wood from the trees with these great countryside dogging spots!

#9 Bristol Dogging Site


A whopping 5% of Bristolian households can be found on UK dogging websites. With thousands of outdoor thrill seekers fulfilling their dogging fantasies on every corner.

Backwell Lane, Bristol

Great for exhibitionists, you can set up next to the railway and give commuters an eyeful to go with their early morning cappuccino.

Tips for Dogging Newbies:

Don't be afraid to ask questions. A lot of experienced doggers are willing to be helpful if you're sincere and polite. Everyone has to learn the ropes some time, and asking questions means you'll get what you want faster!

Bristol has dogging sites right in the centre of the city, check them out and you may be surprised to learn exactly how public they are!

#10 Birmingham Dogging Site


An incredible 5% of Birmingham households list dogging as one of their favourite after dark activities.

Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham

Great for weeknight and weekend hookups, an active spot with cars waiting after 11pm all year round. This is a great place for couples wanting to get their extra-marital kicks.

Dogging Tips:

Give clear signals. Flash your lights or leave the inside light on to invite voyeurs. Roll the windows down if you want them to get closer or join in.

Birmingham is home to amazing sites for dogging action. There are al fresco spots for the summer months, and places a little more sheltered when the cold weather sets in. Dogging fun all year round.

#11 Preston Dogging Sites


An amazing 5% of Preston households are visiting public locations for frequent frisky foreplay. Getting your kicks in the dogging capital of the north is easy with these steamy sex lovers.

Moor Park, Preston

If you're looking for action without the fuss of driving round and round, then the dogging capital of the north is your place. You can find cars parked and ready to watch and join in with the steamy action that takes place both weeknights and throughout the weekend!

Dogging Safety Ti[:

Tell a close friend where you plan to be. Even if you don't tell them what you plan on doing, just knowing that someone else knows where you will be is a good idea. Make sure you keep a phone with a full charge on you at all times.

In the North there are very few places that better Preston's dogging sites! Ranked number 11 in the UK, Preston is the place to get your kicks.

#12 Cambridge Dogging Site


An incredible 4% of Cambridge households are members of the active dogging and cruising community, making it the UK's 12th most popular place to get off.

Roswell Pits, Cambridge

Be at one with nature at Roswell Pits reserve, the birds and the bees will whisper sweet nothings as you're getting down and dirty in the natural surroundings.

Dogging Etiquette for Couples:

Talk to your partner ahead of the action and plan what the ground rules will be. Have a signal or safe word if you need to end the scene.

Cambridge has some amazingly secluded sites for dogging. It's the 12th most popular place in the UK to go dogging.

#13 Newcastle Dogging Site


4% of Newcastle are into dogging, making it the 8th most popular place in the UK for some al fresco activities.

Dogging in Big Waters Country Park, Newcastle Upon Tyne

Get wet and wild with views of this stunning lake. It's no surprise doggers flock by the dozen to Big Waters Country Park for late night romps.

Dogging Etiquette:

Be punctual. Show up where and when you say you'll be there. Don't count on folks hanging around waiting for you, especially a place out of the way. You wouldn't want to go home unsatisfied, now, would you?

Newcastle boasts some amazingly active dogging sites. You might be surprised to know that there are many secret dogging spots spread around the area. How many do you recognise?

#14 London Dogging Site


A whopping 3% of London's densely populated households partake in a little al-fresco action!

Dogging in Green Park, London

You'll have to wait until it's quiet, which can take some time for Green Park, but give it a chance. Once the footfall has died down the doggers will come out to play.

Dogging Etiquette:

Remember, you'll encounter people who can be a lot older or younger than you are. Remain open-minded, you'll have the best time ever and may even learn a few new sexual moves!

London has some famous dogging sites, check them out and you may be surprised how well-known they are!

#15 York Dogging Sites


2% of York households are frequenting the liveliest laybys in the north. York's sex-crazed residents have shot to 15th place on the map due to the sheer frequency they engage in their filthy hobbies.

Langwith Lane, York

Langwith Lane in Hesington is home to two of the liveliest laybys in York. Swing by on Friday and Saturday nights for wild romping with accommodating, open minded and quite frankly, filthy doggers.

Dogging Etiquette for Watchers:

Never heckle. Let them do their thing, you're the spectator.

Prepare for some almighty surprises with our top 3 York dogging sites!

#16 Stoke Dogging Sites


2% of Stoke-on-Trent households love public sex! Night, day, straight, gay, all of Stoke's sexual needs are being met at this rampant residency.

Bathpool carpark, Stoke-on-Trent

Those of you can't make the evening schedule, fear not. Bath Pool carpark keeps everyone happy! You'll find the keen doggers of daytime waiting patiently for your arrival, and they'll show you an extra special time.

Dogging Etiquette:

Mind your headlights! Use your lights to drive safely, but don't keep them on once you reach a sexual scene.

Find out where the hot spots are for dogging in Stoke. Get in touch with nature at dogging spot number three!

#17 Southampton Dogging Sites


2% of Southampton households list dogging as one of their favourite hobbies. With some prime-time action on every corner, it's hard not to get involved.

The Common

Sandwiched between the two universities, you can expect to find horny, youthful doggers who are up for trying it all. You'll find these bright eyed doggers anytime from 11 onwards and 7 days a week.

Dogging Etiquette:

When leaving, drive around a bit or stop for a bite on the way home to make sure you're not being followed. You might know every inch of your fellow doggers' body, but you never can be too careful when it comes to engaging sexually with strangers.

Southampton dogging sites are everywhere you turn! Discover the best of the best with our handy list, and run along to your local spot for a touch of public pleasure.

#18 Norwich Dogging Site


A whopping 2% of Norwich households have a secret love for dogging.

Wroxham Road, Norwich

Best for voyeurs, this site is shaded by leafy trees and bushes so is great if you like a peep. Find hidden areas to partake in outside activity which will cause a stir for those who like to watch.

Funny Dogging:

"I tried dogging for the first time the other week. I don't drive, but you should have seen the look on the taxi driver's face."

Norwich has some of the most perfect sites for dogging, so perfect, in fact, that you will find it hard to not join in the fun!

#19 Taunton Dogging Sites


With 2% of horny households loving public sex, anything goes in Taunton. 19th on the map of dogging hotspots, those into outdoor loving travel miles to Taunton due to it's fabulously liberal locals.

Vivary Park Toilets, Taunton

The toilet block has the best daytime action for horny doggers. Straight and gay doggers enjoy this spot due to it's large cubicles, and love the thrill of the thought of someone walking in on them. These toilets are locked at night, so remember, this spot is just for day time.

Dogging Etiquette:

Sex in a public bathroom is much hotter and less risky if you opt for a quickie. Quickies can be amazing, and are a good way to increase the sexual appetite for later in the evening.

Heading to the west country is an exciting experience that will stay with you forever. Taunton doggers are certainly leaving a lasting memory for locals.

#20 Leeds Dogging Site


2% of Leeds households are hot for dogging, making for some amazing after-dark action every day of the week.

The Kirkstall Abbey Car Park, Leeds

Like all the best parties, Saturday night is when you want to be here. Experience some crazy antics from enthusiastic, veteran doggers who are open minded and up for it.

Dogging Etiquette:

Show your enthusiasm. The more you get into it, the more your audience will enjoy the show, the more you'll enjoy performing. It's almost like a public service!

There are so many secret sites for dogging in Leeds, you won't be able to look at parts of the city with the same eyes again!

#21 Cardiff Dogging Sites


2% of Cardiff household love a bit of dogging action. With so many beautiful dogging spots, it's been crowned the most active place in Wales for al fresco lovers.

Caerphilly Mountain

With beautiful views from many spots on Caerphilly Mountain, weekends and evenings are best if you're looking to tour a variety of mind-blowing dogging hotspots.

Dogging Etiquette:

If you want someone to share in your sexual activity, the way to do this is by opening the door and letting one of them in or by getting out of the vehicle.

The Cardiff dogging scene is growing quickly, with more and more adventurous locations being discovered day by day. Check out the extensive list and you may be surprised to find out how public these dogging spots actually are!

#22 Sheffield Dogging Site


1.5% of Sheffield households frequent the well-used local dogging sites each year, leaving no al fresco location un-dogged!

Hagg Hill Laybys, Sheffield

Wait until it's dark and quiet and take a drive towards the laybys for some action. If there's no room in the layby, just park up down the lane and wait for your signal. The more the (very) merrier!

Dogging Etiquette:

Don't be reckless. Dogging is a legal grey area. If someone complains, you may get into trouble, so have some discretion in your behavior and choice of location. It all adds to the thrill anyway, right?

Sheffield boasts some incredible locations for dogging, how many do you recognise?

#23 Wolverhampton Dogging Sites


Join the 1% of Wolverhampton households looking for amazing car park sex. It's great for voyeurs and exhibitionists who love engaging in frequent and sexy trysts.

Cannock Chase Carpark, Wolverhampton

One of the West Midland's top spots, eager public sex lovers travel to find the famous Cannock Chase doggers. It's great for voyeurs, exhibitionists, couples and those who were familiar with the scene in the days where dogging was rampant. The site still attracts some of the veterans. The main carpark is known as the dogging arena!

Dogging Tip:

Nightclubs and public parks are all popular places to get frisky in a toilet. Some locations just aren’t going to work, and may be more trouble than it's worth. Avoid shopping centers, schools, and other places where people won't be as open to the idea. If you get caught you may face legal trouble.

It may not be number one, but Wolverhampton is one of the busiest areas for dogging! How many of these hot dogging spots do you recognise?

#24 Brighton Dogging Sites


Brighton is the 24th most active location in the UK for public sex lovers. With 1% of households partaking in the naughty pastime in this liberal town, it's easy to see why they're hooked.

Devil's Dyke

Weekends are best for al fresco action. Dogging on Devil's Dyke will be wild and you're likely to be getting your kicks for hours, so pack baby wipes, lube, enough condoms and a bottle of water.

Dogging Etiquette:

Protect your identity and privacy by adopting a 'dogging name' and create an alternate persona for your secret after dark activities... How mysterious!

The straight and gay people of Brighton love dogging with a passion. Discover their favourite sites, you may be surprised how near they are to you!

#25 Edinburgh Dogging Sites


Last on the map of the most rampant places in the UK, but certainly not least, is Edinburgh. 1% of households partake in delightful dogging action in some of the most amazingly sexy spots.

Braid Hills, Edinburgh

The grassy Braid Hills certainly have a breeze so bring your car for more action. You don't want the wind to blow you off before you get blown off. It's great for couples, and there is a high level of activity in the evening and at weekends. No more horny solo sex for you, speed off to Braid Hills, pronto.

Dogging Etiquette:

Tidy up after yourself. Dispose of wrappers, condoms and tissues and leave without a trace so that wardens and police don't pick up on your activities.

It can get quite chilly in Edinburgh, probably why they prefer covered dogging sites! Who can blame them, check out the top sites we found. You may be surprised how public they still are!


One of the naughty adult pastimes that has been on the rise over the past decade, so much so that you would be surprised to see how popular some of these dogging sites are! We reveal the 25 top dogging locations in the UK... how close do you live to them...?

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